Argo blockchain different performances

Can anyone explain me why the prices and % are different?

I think the 212 app shows the offer price in the graph, not sure about the one on the right, looks like it might be last traded.

The time of when you are looking at the prices as well is different.

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The LSE were already closed at that time (as shown on both images), unless there is/was after hours after the close. :wink:

The 2nd image could show the mid-price. Also are known prices differences due the data feed used.


Trade Vs the ask

T212 will show the buy price also called the offer or ask. This is what is being asked.

Google, Yahoo, Tradingview etc will be showing the trades so the Price column. ie what they actually paid, buy or sell

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Was a joke lol.

The answer is both are showing different prices. The latter most likely looks like last traded.

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Hey guys,

The following comment may shed some more light on the matter : Pennystock prices are different than everywhere else - #3 by B.E :v:


@B.E :joy: might be the most renowned but the Bloomberg quote feed is truly awful compared to their own Bloomberg terminal

Our feeds are obtained from Bloomberg, who are arguably the most renowned market & financial data vendor in the whole world.

Its amazing to me how such a big name can provide such a crap service :sweat_smile:

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