Pennystock prices are different than everywhere else

So I entered the stock $ABEPF and as of now (16-02-2021 3:12 pm) it is at 0.4001 on the Trading212 app.

However, if you go anywhere else (webull, yahoo finance, google finance) it is saying 0.4574. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference but It is a huge difference for these pennystocks.

I want to know why Trading212 isn’t giving us CORRECT market data.

Last trade Vs the ASK is the reason.

Every broker has a different market data vendor. The prices and the spread level may vary between the platforms. Our feeds are obtained from Bloomberg, who are arguably the most renowned market & financial data vendor in the whole world.

As @phildawson pointed out - Popular publicly available sources such as Google or Yahoo Finance do not include spread as they don’t quote BID/ASK but rather LAST TRADE - the last price at which a trade was executed, not the current best bid & offer. Also, they’re usually delayed by 15 minutes.

In addition, please have in mind that when it comes to the Invest and ISA accounts, the graph is strictly indicative, however, rest assured that orders are being executed at the best available market price.