Argo Blockchain Order Stuck On Modifying

I took my costs off the table. But my average buy price is 7.12p. I can live with that

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Some orders are definitely going through but I’d imagine the smaller ones will face less resistance to the bigger ones.

A lot more orders though today, just gotta be patient as 212 is OTC for this stock

Is the problem sorted now? Anyone tried to sell?. I am concerned I won’t be able to sell at the right time.

I’m comfortable that with higher market cap and volume there will be ample liquidity to sell promptly.

For example, I sold a few GGP on Monday to roll into ARB. GGP was equally slow to buy on 212 months ago at a lower market cap and lower liquidity on lesser exchanges. Now it’s a +£1bn market cap company on better exchanges so selling is practically instant now, expecting the same for ARB :crossed_fingers:

I’ve been waiting for over 2 days now. My initial order got cancelled as the price went up over the amount remaining in my account. Please sort it out T212

Oh no! So that means I’ve got two days to wait as well. Sent a buy order this morning and it’s still pending so I guess there’s no hope of that happening anytime today.

I split my order in 2 to prevent the price move from affecting my account balance. One of 1 pending orders just went through. Fingers crossed our orders will close before the end of the session

Did it execute then?

Only 1 of 2. It’s very frustrating not being able to buy at the price at the time, then having to take out whatever price it’s moved too later on.

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@Athanasios Added the :us: version, hopefully, execution’s significantly quicker there.


Hey David, will this also be added to the ISA account?

Appreciate it. Thank you!

Good news and thanks for adding @David. Can it be made available to ISA also please?


@David i suddenly cannot find ARBKF when i search for it.

Is there something wrong?

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Im hoping thet removed it so it can be added on both the ISA and invest.


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Thanks for that update.

Wonder if they will ever trade on Nasdaq.

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it needs to get uplisted there. there is a lot of chatter that this will happen soon

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