ARK ETFs - Top10 compilations πŸ“ˆ

how do you extract the data from their site? i only see pdfs and it’s a pain manually updating all of them

They also publish CSVs which you can import into Google Sheets very easily.

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Can I import this pie into my Trading212 portfolio ?

Unfortunately at the moment you need to manually create the pie yourself. I think trading212 are working on adding pie copying at some point but it’s not available yet

Amazing tool @treeba, thank you very much! I was in the process of making my own when I found this, so it saved me a bunch of time.

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You’re more than welcome!

great job!! thank you

So did you guys include Zillow in your pies? They seem to be on a decline since the start of October, and with IPOB on the scene I’m unsure of what to do.