AstraZeneca Voting

Hey @Team212,

AstraZeneca has an annual meeting on April 29 and I was wondering whether T212 will allow owners of the stock to vote?


I know this might be a hard question as T212 does not yet have a system for shareholder voting (Revolut has a cool solution of using Say Technologies), but anyone? :sweat_smile:

T212 does now allow share holder voting, i’ve done it myself recently. They provide a code and link to another side managing the voting, you use the link to login in cast your vote on the various issues.

I think you need to have owned the stock for a certain period of time to be eligible.

I bought my first AZN stock nearly 3/4 of a year ago. Contacted support via chat and got informed that for AZN I won’t be able to vote, which is a huge bummer :frowning:

Could anyone from Trading212 Team confirm and shine some light on the progress of alowing all shareowners to vote in the future?

Hey. :wave:

We’re still working on optimising the process to offer voting rights in such events. We’ll let you know once the function is fully released.

As for AstraZeneca (AZN) NASDAQ listing, we’ve already sent control numbers to eligible shareholders who have the stock within their ISA accounts.


Thanks for your quick answer Bogi!

What about the shareholders of AZN at LSE who do not have ISA (I’m from the EU - Poland and ISA is not available for me).?

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For this particular event, AstraZeneca (AZN) LSE listing shareholders will not be able to participate. Our goal is to provide access to more events in the future for different account holders, but at this stage, we can’t commit to any deadlines.


Sad :frowning: Thank you Bogi for your help and answers, I really appreciate that. Hoping that voting is going to be implemented in the near future!

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