Can T212 make a list showing which shares support proxy voting?

I rarely use my vote when given the option but in some circumstances having access to voting is important. For example when an activist investor nominates new directors or as it relates to existing board members.

I understand making voting avaliable for all shares at AGM is outside T212 control. However I dont see why T212 can’t make a list (search page) showing which shares support voting ?

If your looking at a smaller comapny who is in a proxy fight its beneficial to know before buying shares if I’ll be able to vote?

Is this something T212 can make @Momchil.G ?

For anyone interested i saw this last month -
BlackRock Opens Proxy Voting Platform to Millions of Retail Investors

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @ETF_guy123.

We currently provide access to shareholder votes on a best-effort basis, aiming to facilitate as many events as possible, hence why there’s no specific list available. Still, I get your point on how this can be beneficial, and I will forward your feedback so it can be considered for future improvements in that area :pray:

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