AT&T Spinoff WBD

With the Warner Media and Discovery merger confirmation and the news that it is to start trading on the Nasdaq from Monday 11th of April 2022 with the ticker WBD, when can investors like myself who have been holding AT&T stock well before the ex date of the merger expect the new WBD stock in our portfolio?

I assume it would not be as early as Monday the 11th of April? A rough estimate of the date would be nice for us investors.

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I don’t think there is a set in stone date yet, based on what I have read on the AT&T investor relations posts.

Monday is when the new WBD ticker launches.

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We’ll distribute the due WBD shares from the spin-off to all eligible shareholder accounts in the following days - I’ll make sure to update the thread once that happens :white_check_mark:


Hey the new shares WBD are showing as a positive amount in ny holdings page. You cant present holdings in this way its completely false representation of total returns.

This is the same representation as Shell when they began trading under one class share.

Seriously can something be done about this, my return is showing as much higher than it actually is?

Doesnt indicate amount i originally invested before the merger (i know i can see this by going into my activity).


As part of Discovery’s share reclassification, we’ve distributed the Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) shares to eligible shareholders. Since it is a reclassification, the profit you are now seeing equals the notional value of the previous shares.

We understand the importance of improving the reflection of such events, and we are working on providing a solution. We can not commit to a deadline, but we’ll keep you posted.

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I did not receive it!



Is the new WBD share already distributed?
I think that I didn’t have enough AT&T shares to get a full WBD share.
What is the distributing process in these cases?



I had AT&T shares but don’t seem to have received the Warner Bros discovery shares.

Can someone explain what the eligibility requirements were?
As far as I knew it was just to hold AT&T stock before 5th April, which I had.

So I’m confused as to why the Warner shares aren’t in my portfolio?


I didn’t get any $WBD shares yet either. Was there a limit to the number you had to hold to get any of the new shares, i didn’t think so but could be wrong.

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Can the change adjust old events, as this something that needs to change.

GSK spinoff their healthcare unit under its own listing in a few months, is this going to show a positive figure on my returns again?

At that point ill have three holdings in my portfolio that are shown as positive returns shell, WBD and GSKs healthcare listing.

This is a real disservice to T212 users as it completely misrepresents our returns. Hopefully this is an issue T212 can resolve soon or at a minimum in 2022.


No WBD shares here either yet.
I’m really hoping this will get sorted because my account is down big time today because of the spin off :(.

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Just a note to all of those that have not received their WBD shares yet… @B.E 's post indicates that they will be distributed to elegible sharholders over the next few days, not immediately. T212 need time to do the transaction.

If you haven’t received the WBD shares once @B.E updates this thread, then I imagine that it is best to contact the support team.

But for now, please just relax and give them a few days. There are too many posts above on the share distribution and not having received the shares. I imagine that no one has received the WDB shares yet.


There are two separate corporate events under which eligible shareholders are entitled to WBD shares - a reclassification of Discovery, Inc. shares Class A, B & C and AT&T spin-off.

The reclassification of Discovery shares has been completed today, and the AT&T spin-off is still due. We’ll also share further details (record date, ratio) about the AT&T spin-off in the upcoming days as we are confirming the event’s details.


The due WBD shares from AT&T’s spin-off were just allocated to each eligible shareholder account.


Received. Thank you guys :+1::sunglasses:

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All done. Many thanks!

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Amazing! Thatks for managing it so quickly!


Received. Thx :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Great. I have received shares, and even better, I have extra shares. The rate is supposed to be 0.24 shares per AT&T share. That is what I have received on other platforms. But on Trading 212 I have for 25 T, 6.047925 WBD (not 6), and for 15 T, 3.628755 WBD (not 3.6). I wonder why I am receiving bonus fraction shares with Trading 212. (The extra shareholdings are worth less than £1.)