Atari's preferential opportunity?

Atari is offering preferential shares at 0,164. At the moment it is at 0.183. what are your thoughts? I truly believe it is heading anyway to that price and even lower. I don’t know if it is worthy.

I have shares in them from 80 cents.

I think the company us doing okay and had a bad quarter following the hype the stock got.

The only problem is a new CEO that could take them down the wrong path.

Are they still owned by Soulja Boy? :joy:

When will we get the shares from the issue? Does it usually take awhile?


Would you know the turnaround time for this? I bought a shares issue around a week ago.

Many thanks and kind regards

Hello there,

We’ve just distributed the newly issued shares to the respective accounts.

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Thank you for letting me know!

Sorry for the late response. Always appreciate your updates.