Auto Invest didn't trigger

I have my pie set to auto invest on the !st of every month. Yesterday, however, this did not occur and the app now states that the next deposit date is October 1st. It has also not triggered today.

Anyone else had this problem? Or is it a known issue?

When did you set it up? I’m pretty sure it skips the first month because of the initial deposit :thinking:


I set it up on the 19th August.

Due to initial deposit being on 19th of August, you setting 1st of month for monthly deposit. 1st september is closer then Month period thus it automatically sets next date as 1st October.

If you originally set 20th of the Month, would probably use September, earlier then that it would probably set to October.

If this is an issue, manually invest this month budget, will be auto from October. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for clarifiying @Vedran . I’m very new to investing in general and was concerned I may have screwed something up and therefore didn’t want to just manually do it and double up the investment, without understanding why.

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