[BUG] Unable to set weekly investing on Fridays for next Mondays

Hi, Trading 212 team :),

I believe I found a bug in your app that doesn’t let me set up a weekly investing pie on Fridays for the initial investing round to be this coming Monday, 28th of September. The pie tells me that the next investment round would be just on the 5th of October, 2 weeks after, which is incorrect.

Besides reporting this probable bug, I would like to know at what time of the day is scheduled for Trading 212 to execute the auto-investing order?


cc @David just reporting this bug as I haven’t found any other place that could be reported. If you have another medium let me know and I will share it there :slight_smile:

Hello, HyThor!

The initial investment you make is executed immediately, regardless of the schedule you have set. The following investment will occur on the day that best matches the recurring interval you selected.
In your case, you created the weekly schedule on Friday the 25th but set the date as the 28th - which is just three days away - hence the system searches the next closest date that matches the weekly schedule you set - which in your case is the 5th of October. It is not a bug, but expected system behaviour. :slight_smile:

As for the time the order is executed at, it is 8 a.m in the respective time-zone.

Hey @Theo thanks for clearing it out for me :smiley:… Do you know how many days before the system recognizes? Or should it be 7 days before the rule to set-up the weekly investing?

It depends on the day you made the initial deposit. If you were to create the Pie today(1st of October) and make the initial deposit, then set the schedule to weekly every Monday, the system would show the next possible deposit date as the 5th of October. That is because the system counts the initial deposit day - the 1st of October - as the starting point. One week from the 1st of October would be the 8th of October - it then looks for the closer Monday to that particular day, which happens to be the 5th, which is two days away, as opposed to the 12th, which is three days away. I hope I managed to explain it clearly enough. :slight_smile:

@Theo You did! :smiley: … Gonna share this with my other colleagues from my investment community. There were some questions about this as well.

Last question: At what time is the batch of orders for pies executed?

The orders will be placed as soon as the deposit is reflected in the free cash of the pie. If at that time some of the markets are closed, orders will get executed as usual after those market open. :wink:

Thanks, @Theo. I thought the platform had trading windows like M1 finance does batching all orders from users to make the execution cheaper. For example, like in the pic below.