Newbie Auto Invest Question

Hi, I’m looking for some validation on my Auto Invest set up! Sorry!

I will be investing via the ‘Free Funds’ option and have both the deposit and the investment set to the 1st of the month…I’m just concerned that the investment will trigger before the deposit has it the account!

Is it ok to put them both on the same day, or is it advised to have the investment a day or so after? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Community, @muchtolearn :wave:

If you have scheduled a recurring bank transfer, it is best to set the date 2-3 business days before the pie’s investment date. This way, there’ll be enough time for the funds to arrive, and the risk of the auto-invest failing due to insufficient funds will be minimal.

If the recurring deposit is linked to a debit card, setting it one day before the pie’s investment date should do the job, as card deposits are usually instant. We have covered this in more detail here.