Auto Invest Not Investing - ✅ Solved

Has anyone had an issue with scheduled payments being taken on a Saturday not being invested the next working day ?

It’s now Wednesday and mine still haven’t gone through.

When I contact customer services even they can’t tell me when they will be invested.

Frustrating !!!

As of our minimum value order has changed for a single slice, your pies minimum investment amount has changed as well. Scheduled AutoInvest payments may be taken, but orders will not be processed until the available pie cash goes over your pie’s threshold (minimum investment amount).

For example, let’s say your pie’s smallest slice is of 2%, your minimum investment amount will be 50 GBP/EUR/USD and your payments will remain uninvested until they pass this threshold. (as the minimum investment amount is determined by the lowest slice percentage)

I’ll DM you with more details. :slight_smile: :postbox: