Auto invest stuck on 80% for weeks

I auto invest £10 every Monday into my pie split evenly between 5 companies but it has been showing 80% for over a week and I have £12 sitting in the cash amount. I have messaged customer services and recieved an auto response and heard nothing since.

If the problem continues then I’ll just be amassing unused cash balance, does anyone have any guidance on what the problem good be please?

Withdraw cash from pie, then re invest funds.

So is the autoinvest is broken?

Not necessarily. Either on that occasion, there was a delay, market closed or something else.
Any fund failed to auto invest will stay as cash.

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Frustrating as you would expect it to update the other investments and hold the one that is an issue, or at least let you know what the issue is.

Tried withdrawing the funds and the button is greyed out and doesn’t do anything. Tried looking on the website and it says you can only manage pies via the app.

Hey there @Raticus,

Check your inbox. I’ve sent you a DM with more details regarding your pie and AutoInvest. :postbox: :slight_smile:

I am having issues with auto invest too. 2 pies have auto invested but the others have not. They are balanced correctly and there is more than enough money however it hasn’t triggered.

I previously had my auto invest stuck on 80% etc but was told it was because of AIM liquidity?

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