Auto Invest Pie Issue - ✅ Solved

Hi guys, how are you doing?

I setup the autoinvest to every Friday And always it works so far. This morning the procedure failed:


Then the money is stuck on cash as shown below:


Is that an issue or just because the market was closed yesterday?

Also, I realize the chat is off/removed is that correct?

Good day.

Yeah they turn off the chat when volumes are too high.

When was this, yesterday? Yeah US market was closed. Today? UK and US markets aren’t open yet if that is what you’re buying.

Edit: Does seem odd that it tries to execute at 8am local time. Perhaps this is a bug.

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Today @nickspacemonkey. Always is like that they take the money at 8AM them process the order and the order still in hold until the market opens. Now its is failing… I assume some bug.

By the way, I didn’t the remove the chat on high volumes, thanks for answer that. I assume as many ppl complaining about the time to make order they probably have thousands of queries,

Hey there @Alex.Santos,

Check your inbox. I’ve sent you a DM. :slight_smile: :mailbox_with_mail:

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I have the same issue where I have had funds deposited as cash for a couple of days now, however there hasn’t been any activity in trying to invest the cash. Could you please give me a hand with what I need to do?

Hey there @benregan, :wave:

Your deposited amount will remain as pie cash until it reaches your pie threshold, which may have increased as a result of our recent adjustment of minimum order value within pies. Your pie’s minimum investment amount will be determined by your lowest slice percentage. For example, if your lowest slice allocation is 1%, your pie’s threshold will be £100.