Issue with the autoinvest


Today I have deposited some money into the platform and used it with the autoinvest manual allocation option to fund my pie.
Unfortunately the transactions have not been executed and the money are now blocked as available cash but can’t really use it anymore in any way.
I tried contacting your support line, but the answer I got was to just way for the transactions to be completed.
They mentioned the issues was caused by a lack of available people that can cover the buys I made, which seems at least strange for me.
Can you please check what is happening and come back?

P.S. Also, another thing I noticed and sent you 2 emails about it, when I use the autoinvest option not all the transactions that are performed are also visible in my order history.
So for example if I make 40 buy orders, I can only see 35 in the transactions history and I need to access the individual stock history to see the details about all of them.
You can check my email on this for more details and examples.

@George, @David, @Martin, @PeterA


Hi there,

The rest of your buys will go through once the US stock market opens.


I can understand that, but I wanted to check why this happened.
I don’t think it’s something as designed, as I triggered these actions more than 5 hours before the US market closed.

Also will like to check the second issue I mentioned with the transaction history not displayed in the orders list.
So I’ll be waiting for a reply from the team maybe.

Thanks for the answer, anyhow.

By the way, no update on this even after the market opened. I still have the amount blocked and no way to use it for now.
So waiting on a reply still…

We will investigate. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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Thanks for the answer, @George.
When do you expect to have this solved?
And also, I would have liked to perform a rebalancing of my pie, do you think is it ok to do that or better to wait for the fix of the issue?


Tomorrow we will know what happened for sure. Until then it’s best not to rebalance if possible.

Ok. I’ll be waiting for an answer then.