Autoinvest very very slow -Solved

The first autoninvest one month ago was finished in little bit more than one day. Now the second autoinvest after one day i have pies that the progress is still 0%. So something is really strange. Any problems i’m not aware of?

US market is closed today. 212 sent out notifications beforehand

THank’s. I hope that this was the issue

Auto-Invest orders placed during weekends are postponed for the market opening on Monday. Just a small reminder that it’s President’s Day in the US today, so you’ll need to wait for Tuesday’s session. :us: :v:’s%20Birthday Monday%2C%20February%2015


No, that was not the reason. Now the whole amount of autoinvest failed. There are no reason why it failed. I can think of timeout because holiday? I have opend a case and hopefully someone will response. Autoinvest and pies are great instruments but only if it works also…

So detailed report:

I have one pie with 32 shares. Last autoinvest with 440CHF the whole amount was invested. This time one month later nothing from the same 440CHF is invested. It says “investing failed”

Another pie with 27 shares last autoinvest it was only 5 CHF left from 270 CHF. This time (also one month later) nothing was investet.

Another pie with 10 shares last tiem everything was autoinvestet. (50 CHF). This time only about 7 CHF was invested, leafing CHF 43.56

And the last pie with 12 Holdings ist not yet finished, but only 8% is invested so far.

From 1000CHF autoinvest there was less than 100CHF invested…

So there is definitely something wrong here

When the majority of the stocks within a pie are US, only orders from the European exchanges are filled when the US market is closed. This is why only part of the Rebalance is processed. The remaining part will execute once the US market opens.

Markets during official holidays are “disabled” and orders fail instead of going to “pending” state. We’re in process of implementing holidays for markets which will resolve this occurrence.

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Thank you very much for this answer

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