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Feature suggestion: normalizing, clear percentages, equal weight

@George I’m just trying Pies, it’s a great new feature.
I’d suggest adding a normalizing feature: when we add new stocks to an existing pie, they come at 1% - it would be nice to have a button to assign equal weights. Or even better, to scale up existing %s to 100%. For example I’d have 4 stocks in a pie, would set all to 1% and one of them to 2%, then press Normalize button and would have 3 of them at 20% and one at 40%.

Like this:


In fact it would be nice to add all these 3 options:



Hey Peter, what sowfware is that? :thinking:

@laguiar I’m not sure if it’s ok to promote other products here, but the post can be moderated down if yes. It’s Portfolio Visualizer.

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That’s Portfolio Visualizer

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@George why were the shares of Tesla and Apple not split in the pies but instead they were paid out in cash. I only noticed once the market had closed, causing me to miss the 16% gain in Tesla!!!
I feel this is not right. A stock split should never lead to Trading 212 selling a client’s shares. And if you have to do this for technical reasons then you should at least immediately reinvest the proceeds in the same stock.
Can you please change the way that Trading 212 handles stock splits in the future.

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It generally doesn’t lead to that. Currently, there are some exceptions related to fractional shares which can lead to selling some of the position or the whole position if it is very small. Here you can find more info on how exactly fractional shares get split. Tesla stock split

Yes, we have to do that due to technical reasons. We’re also not happy with the current solution and will improve the process.


Can you elaborate on the technical reasons please?

Ok, the UK bank holiday appears to have messed up my Autoinvest for yesterday. I have a pie with mixed US and UK stocks and the money was taken from my account as normal in the morning. The US stocks were purchased in the afternoon but no pending orders for the UK stocks were carried over to today (tue). This left free cash in my Pie and then when I bought the Stocks manually, it took the monies from my Invest account and not from the free cash in the pie!

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Any ETA for the first version to go live? Especially the desktop version. It’s September now :wink:


Upvoted, any updates? @David

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Will a feature that allows buying just a particular stock be implemented? I noticed that when I deposit in a pie, it will automatically buy shares based on the target, but sometimes there are stocks more attractive than others and would be nice to manually select which one to buy.

That is not where pies are used for. You can just buy and sell stocks outside pies like you do now.

This is already available,
when you invest money into a pie you are presented with 3 options:
1- by targets: money will be distributed according to targets originally set
2- self-balancing: money will be distributed according to existing weight of instruments
3- custom: you can select how much money will go into which stock. if you just want 1 stock you can select that one stock and set it to 100%


Just checked and yes, you are right, I did not notice it even though it was right there, thank you.

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Hello, it would be nice when you are inside a pie is to be able to see the stock when tapped on, currently, I can’t see what that percentage means, how many stocks it is and neither go directly to that stock.

ok, I’ll be candid, the cash in pies versus cash in main investment account is starting to frustrated me. Once again, my Monday autoinvest was only partially fulfilled due to the US holiday. As stated in a previous post from the UK bank holiday, this used to stay as pending until the market reopened, but now they just fail.
Ok, no problem, I’ll invest the money manually and type the amount in corresponding to the cash in the pie. It then takes that from my invest cash and then takes the pie cash, so double the amount that I wanted to invest! This is so confusing! I use Autoinvest because I’m busy, I shouldn’t need an accounting degree to figure this out. Suggestion - where money is deposited needs to be clearer and when I buy within a pie, that cash should come from the Pie cash, not from elsewhere. Rant over. P.s love the Pies, there’s just a few little things that many people has highlighted here, that need to be addressed to make it better than great :+1:

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Hi @burgers, we’re aware of the bug which causes AutoInvest to fail on national holidays and we will fix it. And we will make sure to improve the cash source when investing in pies even more transparent!

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George, thank you for the prompt reply. I know you guys are working really hard and it’s fantastic to have this active feedback forum. Keep up the great work :+1:

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One small point, why is the auto-invest limited to 40 years. It should probably at least cater for someone who joins the platform at 18, and wants to retire by 67 or so. 40 years only take them to 58. Best not to leave anyone out I guess, might as well make the range too long than too short!
Also, how often is the annual return estimates refreshed? Don’t think I’ve ever seen it change