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Can the auto reinvest dividend feature be updated to include ‘auto reinvest by self balancing’ in addition to the ‘to pie targets’ option


When will auto invest take fund from the free funds instead of using credit cards ?

Hey, @LexInvest.

We can not provide an ETA at this point, but we’ll let you know as soon as there’s any news.

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@LexInvest Here it is :slight_smile:


Hi George, autoinvesting from the Pie’s free funds is good, but in order to top up my free funds each month I have to manually go through the payment process with my banking app. Will you be adding the ability to automatically top up the free funds by using a recurring direct debit payment? I’d like to be able to automatically invest in my pie each month without having to do anything (lazy boy).


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DD would be nice, but have you considered setting up a standing order?

Can this be done on T212?

Exactly what I do :wink: :wink:

Go into Manage Funds / Deposit Funds / Bank Transfer, and you will see the details.


This is what I normally do to add funds, but from what i can see when i follow the process it’s just for an individual deposit. I can’t see a way to use this method to make automatic payments each month for example. Am i missing something?

It is a standing order. You set it up with your bank to pay a set amount every month - say the day before you want your Pie to auto invest from free funds.

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Thanks mate, appreciate your help :grinning:

@Team212 Are there by any chance plans to implement feature that we could set certain time during trading hours for our funds to be automatically invested into stocks in our :pie:?


Sure, we certainly want to incorporate more flexibility when it comes to the AutoInvest feature.

Phase 1 of that plan would include adding a wider range of options for daily deposits. That’ll enable you to choose which days of the week to deposit/invest in.

Anyway, I’ll also forward your feedback to take it one step further and introduce AutoInvest during specific trading hours. I’ll let you know how it all goes :hourglass:


Great news, thank you for all your hard work.


Specific hours is even more important (for me at least). Normally the spreads are high when the market opens so we don’t get a good price with auto invest.


yes I stop auto invest because it does not provide you the ability to choose day / time for investing based on economic calendar and opining hours … I use standing order instead and manually invest into pie at the right time.

Could it also allow offer the same options as when investing manually - specifically “Self-balancing”.
Would be great to have this both for dividend re-investing and auto investing based on free funds.
I had to stop the auto investing as I was having the same issue as others, where the Standing order takes too long to come in a, fails to invest due to the lag.

A direct debit would be so much better. Almost instant so we keep investing regularly without effort.

Hmm… you can already contribute funds to your pie at any time you like. So, I’m not sure I completely get the concept here. Feel free to elaborate, though :pray:

We’ll explore the idea together.

This part makes perfect sense. I’ll run it past the team, and once we decide whether it’s something we want to pursue further or not, I’ll let you know!

Hey, sorry if it was not clear.
Self-balancing is only available on manual investments and NOT when using auto-invest.
It would be great to have the same options regardless of what is triggering the investment: user VS auto-invest.


Got it.

Thanks for the additional info. I’ll forward this as well and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes :v: