AutoInvest - Feedback

Yes! :slightly_smiling_face:


Also @George it would be really interesting to be able to see dividend income in the last 30 (or multiple values) number of days.

As a question for you @George… does the projected value update with the latest prices & amounts invested? Because I think it is the same from the moment I created the pie.

And I also agree with you @Vedran… the pie are simply wonderful for consistency. There is still room from improvement with a couple of settings, but all things considered for the first version it is great.

And yes… we really do need more fractional stocks and ETFs to fully take advantage of autoinvest!

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How can you check the projected value after created the pie? I can’t find it…

Do you have autoinvest enabled? Only then you see projected values.

No, I can’t activate it until I can transfer the current holding into the pie.

You can’t view the value projection before enabling AutoInvest, since the calculation takes into account the AutoInvest schedule.

Yes, it updates dynamically. The biggest influencers to the calculation are the deposit amount, the frequency of deposits and the historical avg. return of your pie.

@George why is there a minimum investment when investing custom? I wanted to buy £10 of one stock within my pie but because the minimum for investing in a pie with 1% holdings is £20 I couldn’t do it, even though that’s not relevant. Is there any way you could make a work around for this? Like a dynamic minimum investment?


@George I know your working on my query but could you tag me when you do reply otherwise I won’t find it in this thread :slight_smile:

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I have ‘free cash’ in a pie.
If I was to ‘rebalance’ would it distribute this free cash back into my pie stocks?

Yes it will use up this free cash

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Today we fixed the issue we think caused some of the pies to get stuck while cancelling or rebalancing. If it happens again, please, let us know! All these bug reports helped us a lot in finding the solution.


can we add a feature for the pie itself to recommend the set of % based on a 5 or 10 year past growth?

I think having the ability to set your own % is nice, however its pain trying to figure out whats the max growth potential based on past growth

Won’t the maximum growth estimate occur from being 100% in whichever instrument has had the best past 5 year record? The trick is to balance risk and reward. Equal weights on 30 stocks diversified across industries is low risk. Going all in on Tesla is high risk. The app can’t make that judgement. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


Having AMZN/aapl/tsla/putanyhugegrowthstock in porfolio with this feature, probably 99% would be allocated, it would have to be alot smarter system, where you can put Min/Max. Then press optimise under those preset rules…

It is good to have feature, but i would prefer t212 focus on core stuff, like making 100% fractional and pie in pie. Then work on enhancement…


Any release estimate when we can make pie’s in a pie? Just wondering, enjoying it a lot but gets a bit messy when you have a lot of stocks

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If you really want multiple pies for various sectors/industries you can do that without pie in pie, just need to calculate how much auto invest per pie to replicate % per industry. Only draw back is dividend staying in sector, even tho you could remove auto reinvest and then decide how much you want per each sector…

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That’s exactly what I am doing for now.

Looking forward to be able to move existing stocks into Pies :joy:


my pie now accounts for 1/3rd of my portfolio. soon it’ll be over 1/2.