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@Dao, are you selling previous investments in order to buy them back in a pie?
The issue with that (assuming that you are in an ISA, so no tax) is that you pay the spread and Stamp Duty on UK stocks. I imagine you are aware of this, but I am interested in knowing your reasoning.

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my portfolio was invested in pretty much just 4 stocks and yes in the ISA account. and made with manual deposits that saw it often ended up in the middle of the ups and downs. Covid saw the profits frozen for months and I decided a greater frequency of additions on a wider spectrum will work better for me. Now looking to see how a greater frequency of deposits will influence my returns.

the companies are in my pie, but rather than having 36% in 1 company I have it at 8% now, another at 33% is now just 25% etc, the others are also down a bit to allow for me to grow my holdings from 4 to 9 with a bit more spread and some more involvement in the market. I can also now have more UK positions to balance out my US ones at the mercy of FX.

Before I only had Unilever as a UK stock, the rest were all US so the small charges and spread were easily covered by the profits I took when selling my previous holdings to move them into the pie. the last 2 of my old holdings will be carried over once they reach a satisfactory level of returns. a delay between selling and re-entering saw minimal changes in spread luckily so no troublesome influences on that front.

I haven’t minded the lack of market returns because I already made more in returns and dividends than the best cash ISA would have gotten me for the same amount of funds (over a longer period of time) I just want to see a bit more activity and opportunities which my pie will offer.

Sort of expected I guess when my portfolio beta score is like 0.4 xD

my portfolio went from being 3 US stocks and 1 UK stock to 4 UK, 3 US, 1 US-listed canadian and my sole ETF in EM.

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Here’s what I am doing. I am liquidating all my stocks outside of pies and reinvesting inside of the pies. The main reason I am doing it is to spread risk and diversification and I think the pie simplifies the process. Right now it is possible to take some profit from existing holdings and I am sure the same stocks will fall very soon so it will be worth it. The spreads and stamp duty are negligible in the grand scheme of things.
I also like the pie because, I’m sure we’ve all head the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket”, and doing it manually is cumbersome. Imagine if you only held Luckin and Wirecard as your hero stocks. For some time they seemed to be delivering and then out of the blue we all know what happened. It just highlights the need to diversify and for most people it is an exhausting process so we end up not doing it properly.

Just bumped into another weird issue with the pie goal, not serious or impacting functionality, just a weird UX.

I’ve just created a pie, set up auto invest which automatically set the goal to £60,898,437. I tried to change the goal to £60m (for no other real reason than its a nice round number) but when I tried I got a tooltip saying the maximum amount is £50m.

Either we should be able to set a limit without a ceiling, or the system shouldn’t automatically set something to a value that exceeds a value I can choose myself.

We need to have a practical limit for the goal value. We will bump it to 100M.

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think that has also solved my issue i ranted about previously.

but here comes another rant, the android fix has made the app very laggy. it’s taken away the smoothness, especially with the graphs. some graphs don’t actually update when switching between time frames (i’ll try to get a screenshot as this happens pretty randomly). tried reinstalling, clearing cache and restarting and all the usual good stuff.

i’m on an S9, Android 10, if that helps

Just to echo that, I did notice yesterday that graphs were not updating and being a bit erratic when I was switching time periods, but I just put it down to being the weekend and possible maintenance or other out of hours activities going on.

Also Android, Google Pixel 4.

It doesn’t sound related to the AutoInvest feature, nevertheless, please do send some screenshots.(in a separate topic) Screen capture is even better! :slight_smile:

P.S. I am glad the update solved the issue! We also had no new reports of stuck pies after we uploaded the fix :crossed_fingers:

My pie and investment are still showing discrepancy? Any thoughts as to why yet? I don’t want to invest more into this particular stock yet as I don’t want that spread between the invest and the pie to grow.

Just checking to see if it’s been solved as it still shows a different figure.


We haven’t released a fix to the return calculation discrepancy. It shouldn’t worry you as it is only a visual discrepancy. It does not affect trading at all.

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So, not sure if this has already been answered but I’m scratching my head over why my rebalancing is stuck given that part of the rebalancing involves buying new US stocks? And clearly the market is open currently.

You have LSE stocks in your pie.

P.S. Further clarification - your pie can’t buy all US stocks now, because it still doesn’t have the cash from the LSE stocks it will sell tomorrow morning.

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ok, that further clarification makes sense. thank you.

it did sell off a few US shares but they weren’t enough to buy the new ones to rebalance.

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My “live result” doesn’t match up with the returns from each stock. See screenshot below. Adding up the stocks separately gives me a figure higher than my live result of €78.26

Does this have something to do with the pie? Some of these stocks are currently part of a pie.

Hi, I can’t create a pie, I don’t have the option on my app, why is this?

Hi @TomJ_Taylor welcome to the forum. You need to sign up to the beta. The link is at the bottom of the first post on the thread below.

may be because you’re making a loss on some of your other investments that is driving the total down?

Silly me … you’re probably right.

This has probably been asked before and I’ve messaged one of the team but Incase there’s a quick fix - does anyone know why the invest would constantly keep turning and not loading?


Are you trying to invest in US stocks and the market is not open?