AutoInvest funds

Agree there’s been a bit of overpromising and underdelivering. That being said, the platform is a lot more stable, and new features people are asking for have been delivered (stock dividends). Ive seen some fairly quick responses too to critical issues than previous.

In my view, you get what you pay for, and with the user base growth and Brexit would have caused a lot of work for any broker.

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Hey, there :wave:

Thank you for your feedback - it’s appreciated!

We always aim to make the user experience memorable on the platform and the app as well.

Therefore, we spent a significant amount of time going through every suggestion and implementing it, if possible.

Currently, there are many ongoing features, and some of them have shifted our focus to the development process. One of which was the last one, namely - Stock Distribution, highly anticipated feature.

We will keep you updated.

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I get that and you need to have priorities.

But in the other hand we can’t trust on what T212 Team says here? As any time you can reply the same answer…


Do you have any news on auto investing directly from a bank account directly (to minimise costs) instead of a credit card?


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Please tell me, I am missing something!!!

We still have no ability to use free payments methods for pies?

Or the ability to use free cash from within your account?

This was promised ages ago!


Using your free funds as a way of payment in pies is undoubtedly one of the most desired features.

It has been submitted for review, and we are currently working on it. However, we cannot provide you with an approximate time.

You can check the other features in our focus for 2022. :point_down:


Hi @Hris.M

That’s great when you can give an update.

But, why should we look at the features for 2022, when we are waiting for the 2020 features? This is one of them.

It was meant to be a poll to find out the most wanted in 2022. It’s still not yet a feature hence still included in the poll and needs can change over time. Guess we just need some patience due to the growth.

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The costs of the auto invest are way too high now. I’m going to stop using the functionality and look to transfer out of T212 as it was promised ages ago. Compared with other providers this fee alone is higher than the ongoing platform fees of other providers.


Why not just log in once a month/week and do it manually for the timebeing? It only takes 30 seconds.


Hi agree with you, and I did my vote at the pool you created. (Very appreciate btw)

Some features are on to do list since 2021, 2020……
when t212 came here and say we are working on it, we can’t give an estimate date……that doesn’t mean anything to us.

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Some people including myself like to setup a strategy with regular investments, and let the strategy run for a period of time. By manually logging in to deposit and invest, you force yourself to look and potentially tweak what you have setup.

All we know is this is in flight, we just dont know when.

I haven’t used the auto deposit since the 0.7% fee after 2k was introduced, but I could use it until I get to that point, just choose not to.

I would also probably put more in 212 if it had the functionality to do so, so they’re losing to business I send elsewhere for the convenience.


I agree but I have a standing order and it’s not that much hassle to hit invest once a month. It would be great to fully automate it though without incurring the 0.7% fee – the less I look at my investments the better!

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Since I have not received any response I am reposting:

Please let us autoinvest from the cash in the account.

Thank you


I think you need a minimum amount to fairly settle all components of your pie. Else I think it will be reinvested with your next set of trades.

Believe OP is talking about autoinvest feature which currently supports only external cash aka cards/gpay.

Autoinvest from free cash is in pipeline:


Yes, autoinvest from the already present cash is an absolute MUST, especially now that card transfer have a 0.7% fee.

Hi guys, if autoinvest is selected for a pie - will it always use the selected account to get money or will it first check for available cash locally within the app?

Currently only external payment(card/gpay/applepay) is option for autoinvest.

In future we will be able to select free funds as source for autoinvest.

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With the news of deposit fees greater than £2000 in total, is it possible to auto invest monthly with a bank transfer rather than normal deposit?
Or will I have to turn off auto invest and manually invest cash from funds?