New feature - AutoInvest now works with bank transfers!

AutoInvest now works with bank transfers!

You can now use your Trading 212 account’s free funds as an AutoInvest deposit source. This means you can fund your pies via bank transfers. Automatically!

How to set it up in 2 steps

  1. If you are creating a new pie, on the funding step, select ‘Free funds’ as a payment method. If you already have a pie, you can change its payment method from the AutoInvest tab.

    Now the pie will invest your unused account cash according to the deposit schedule you’ve set.

  2. Schedule a recurring bank transfer (Standing order) using your online banking app. The execution date should be 2 to 3 days before your pie’s investment date. This way, your money will arrive in your Trading 212 account just before your pie needs them.

As always, we’re here if you have any questions.

Capital at risk



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what will happen if theres not enough fee cash? will it wait or skip payment?

It will skip and try again on the next investment cycle.


A notification saying it failed due to insufficient funds would be good if not already present. And a “deposit funds and retry” would be a good addition to link to that notification.

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There is indeed such notification :robot:


The best broker ever!!! I am very happy that you back here @George !!!


Is it possible that we can enter an investment amount exactly with cents? I need it to invest an exactly value for all my cake pieces.

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Can we get an option for select invest “by target” or “self balancing”?

By daily investing will be an option helpful that no invest on weekend days.

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I don’t know how you managed to do it, but after countless pleas and requests, you managed to release this long awaited feature right on my birthday :grin:… Wonderful birthday present!


+1 to that… I know you can do it from the Web UI, but it would be great if the mobile app would also allow you to do it.

@George One thing I noticed is that although I have setup the autoinvest for each Monday yesterday, the next run time is not 23.05, but 30.05. Might this be a minor bug?

The formula is the following :

1/( % pie slice/100) = minimum investment requirement. So, the minimum investment is essentially based on the percentage of your smallest pie slice. In other words, if you have a slice small enough, yes, you’ll be able to invest exact amounts to the cent(even below the minimum value order of 1EUR/GBP/USD. (Fund distribution must best to " Custom" ).

At the moment Auto-investing is only available ‘By Targets’. In addition, Autoinvest doesn’t execute orders during weekends. Those that were placed during non-working hours for a certain exchange are postponed until the next working day and executed then.

Auto-Invest will skip an upcoming payment if half or less than half of the scheduled investment period has not passed. You can find more info along with an example in this article here :point_down:

If any further questions arise, don’t hesitate to ping me or send me a private message and I’ll assist you further :v:

I don’t think he is planning to invest less than 1EUR/USD/GBP, but rather invest an exact amount of money… like 150.25USD. I use the Web UI as a workaround (as that allows more precise investments), but it would be good to have the same in the mobile app.

Thanks, that makes it clear!


is there a guide for standing orders the help page for recurring payments only mentions the fee way

You are supposed to setup a recurring payment to the Trading212 account from your bank’s app. The bank will execute the order with a specified recurrence and send the money to the Trading212 account. Once there at the setup time interval Trading212 will autoinvest the funds in your pie(s).

So you have to look into your banking application to setup those.

Finally! Thank you! <3


Is Auto-investing with self-balancing being considered for the near future?

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