AutoInvest - Join the BETA

Just got notification of the beta great work guys. Is this just for invest? Or isa aswell?

It works in ISA and Invest.

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I got the in app notification autoinvest beta activated. Where do I find it on the app ?

Under portofolio graph on the right

Switched phone off and on and it’s there :+1:t3:

Hey guys,
Is there a way I can use my current holdings in a pie?
When adding stocks I have I still see it like zero.


Not in current version, t212 will add it in later.

So the pie is like a new account?
I can’t use drip or auto invest on my current portfolio?

Premiere starts at 22:45 here (in 10 minutes) for anyone who wants to see the update in action!

Go to my channel here to watch it and chat live:

Video link for the forum:


I might just have to @cavanhagan until I get access later in the week. No rush anyway, I’m.not paid for another week, so … :man_shrugging::rofl:


Thanks for the video @cavanhagan, very useful for those of us that currently do not have access to the pies :smiley:.


That thumbnail :smile:. Thanks for the video though, very professional and informative.

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Admins said that it would be too risky to let this new feature play with millions without testing it first. So current holdings will be added when testing is done and updates aproved.


Hi, has the beta gone live for everyone that requested it?

I’ve previously signed up but I didn’t get a notification yesterday?

I signed up for the beta but haven’t got it yet?

@RobinGunn / @SRD03; everyone else will get access later on this week. They were only activating 100 to start with. Good things come to those who wait! :grin::v:

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Was there a certain time that these 100 people got an update? I am checking regularly and hoping to see it but would be good to know if I should check after a certain time.

Also glad to see that this is active for both Inv/ISA and I am glad I read this thread before doing anything. I was planning on selling my investments in order to re buy them within a PIE. From the looks of things it appears that once this goes live I will be able to add my current investments into my pie. If anyone wants to confirm this that would be good.

Cheers T212.

You would have known by now, you’ll gain access in a few days as long as you signed up to the beta.
And no, you currently cannot merge existing investments in. You can either sell them as you said and rebuy, or you can wait until this feature is added in the future

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I seen that they are planning on releasing a few more after yesterdays first 100 people. Was just looking to see if there was a time yesterday incase its scheduled for the same time for the rest of the week.

Happy with that. Understand that it won’t be live as part of the beta but I will hold what I have and add them in later when that feature goes live.


Great video and I love your mobile

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