AutoInvest - Join the BETA

Yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


It will be rounded to 2 decimal points. So if your investment produces 0.0022 you will get 0.00, and if it produces 0.005 you’ll get 0.01


Initially no, but we’ll add this option as soon as possible. We don’t want to delay AutoInvest because of it.

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That’s perfect, as along as we get the option in future


I’ve signed up for the beta in the morning but still haven’t gotten access to this yet. Have any of you been able to use this?

We’ll start activating the beta users just before the end of the month.


I thought that this would be released into the main app this month?

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Can’t wait for this!

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So just to confirm a pie will be separate from any existing holdings, i.e the same companies can be part of the pie but current shares won’t be reflected?

So essentially we will need to start from scratch or just ignore existing holdings for now which in my head sort of negates the point unless I’m missing something? Loving the function though and reinvestment, would want to apply to the whole portfolio asap though ideally


I’m very disappointed, I really wanted to murge my investments

Will come eventually, if you want to wait before setting up pies then go for it, but I don’t see why. Start using the pies and then when the update comes you can merge it. I’d rather get the pies ASAP than have to wait to get the merging functionality with the update


very good news for us, now waiting the beta!!

Can we start off with a lump sum? Then switch to monthly.

“Dividend stocks” and selects Tesla and Alphabet lol, maybe change that if you’re going to use that as an ad anywhere


@CavanHaganInvesting :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes, you can.

Fixed, thanks :wink:

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So, just to do a quick exercise… lets say that a have 30 holdings, with 10 shares of each and I want to have a pie of 20 of these 30 holdings.

I will need initially to “buy” more shares of these 20 stocks when building the pie, is that correct?

Let’s suppose then that the pie has 2 shares of each stock… inside the pie all data will be related to this amount, correct?

Outside the pie, do I will see 12 shares for these stocks with the combined gain/loss value or only 10? (the amount that does not belong to the pie)

Since I can guess that 99.9999999% of the users that will try the pies already have some holdings, same “real world” examples can be very helpful :wink:

ps: again, great job folks :wave:


You will see the combined value + info about how much of it is held in pies. That way you won’t lose track of your entire exposure to a stock / ETF no matter in how many pies you hold it.


I would like to join the beta :slight_smile:

Will i be able to specify Auto DRIP. For example when i recieve my monthly PSEC dividends, rather than split that dividend in all my investments, i want to be able to DRIP into PSEC stocks.
Hope this makes sense…