Would you like a pie?

I explain it here. AutoInvest - Join the BETA

Sorry @George, I’ve looked but I’m not sure if you have covered this. Will I be able to allocate my current holdings into a pie?

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@Antidev it will not be possible at the launch of the update but shortly after

Thanks @ovidiuovidiuovidiu

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Any estimation when the Pie Feature will come out of beta? :thinking:

If everything goes by the plan it should come by the end of the week:

Yes, but only for beta users. The question is when it come’s to the normal users.

I misread, my bad.
I don’t think we have an official date for the final release yet, but hopefully the beta testing will go smooth enough so the ETA will be by the end of June.

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Are you guys looking at getting existing portfolios into a pie? Or is that far stretched?

@JSahota95 You have your answer here:

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This idea needs to be revisited: limit buy and sells within pies are needed! Any news on that? (I looked on AutoInvest BETA - Feedback but couldn’t see anything about it).

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I don’t need limit or stop orders in pies…

This is the exact opposite idea to what pies are for.

They are not meant for day/swing trading, they are for long term investing in stocks, recognised as percentages/targets of a 100% pie… Why would you try and day/swing trade parts of a pie?


Because sometimes we want to get rid of one without having to fiddle with the amount on the slider. I wanted to sell IBM out of my pie with the custom withdrawal and ended up (might be a bug though) with a weird £0.75 left in it.

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I personally look forward to fractional limit orders and hope they can be incorporated into pies.


Because in addition to having steady weekly buys, I would like to advantage of possible volatile moments and get best price available.

Why limit investing to weekly/monthly buys when you could add extra layer to take advantage of specific company/market volatility.

Yes sure 1 buy won’t make “much” difference in long run, but many of such events add to compounding same as dividend reinvest. So I have my mind open to any idea which can increase wealth creation.


Then don’t use pies. Pies are intended (correct me if I’m wrong) for long term investments. A slightly better price for a fraction of a share will make no difference looking at 10-20 yrs.

I think he is referring to something that he suggested recently, which would be an interesting addition to Pie/AutoInvest for long term.

I see “Pie police” is already forming, telling what kind of people should use it and what kind shouldn’t…

I already explained “why”, if you want to do auto investing fine, thats great, if I want to mix it up with taking advantage of market volatility on certain days to add to compounding effect.

Same as regular dividend reinvesting adds to compounding, taking advantage of 5-10% dip in volatile time or 2.5-5% in normal times will also add to compounding. As it is not 1 time event, stocks tend do pullback on multiple occasions during year/years…

Pie isn’t necessary just an auto invest tool, it is a weightings utility where I can handle my positions in App, without need to do everything in Google sheets/excel. Plus the DRIP effect.


Hi. Totally agree that stop-limit for pies and fractional shares is a must.

I’d argue that if the main purpose of the pies are to to automate, stop-limit is the most basic form of automation.

It does not matter if your investment is a long term investment or not. If a share falls more than 10% in one day, you don’t want it to ruin all your gains at once. At the end of the day, it might never recover, and you might never realise if you don’t constantly check the status of your pies, and what kind of automation would that be?

Can someone from the technical team confirm that this is part of the plan please?

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I hope they introduce stop losses and other orders to help you manage your pie investments. It makes perfect sense for an automated investment tool to have an automated sell facility.

I hope they also introduce a stop loss - take profit feature on the invest accounts as it is also sorely missing. I am sure it will all come in time and the T212 team seem to listen to feedback, which is a huge positive for their company.

Fingers crossed!

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