Automatically placing position - cdf

Open the app today and found out a position for aurora cannabis has been placed without authorised. Anyone with the same experience?

How much weed had you been smoking? :upside_down_face:


T212 have ways to check which device/location/user etc has made trades.

It is highly likely, that the order was setup in advanced by yourself or misclicked on when using/opening the app.

If you are 100% certain without a shadow of a doubt that you did not make this trade, or set this trade up by accident a while ago, then by all means contact T212 and they can resolve this.

I never view the stock until now and it is highly unlikely for me to place a 9600 position with such a high risk ticker.

Ok, I mention this as this is 99% use cases comes down to user error.
I will mark this post for staff attention and hopefully a full review can take place.

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    Done, await for their response.

I have never checked out the stock until now so god knows why the order was placed. And now my post is hidden. Hmmm I wonder why

They are looking into it, just had a reply from them. They will contact you soon I think.

Well I have contacted the team directly and they said it would take up to three days for a senior to look into it and reply.

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The post seems to have been hidden, wonder what is it in the content that may causes it to be flagged? Can you raise the issue to the team too please?

It’s because I flagged it for staff attention. For all they know the post could have been spam etc, its just a safety measure on the forum.

Don’t worry though, I have spoken with @David and he has informed me that there is an issue and all is being looked into. From here on, just sit tight and wait for them to come back. Any amounts if found to be an error on their end get refunded. (I have seen them do this for other cases not related to this).

Just try not to open too many posts on the same topic as it may delay the response you get back. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Adm, you have been a great help

@alexyzer Hi Alex. From everything we see on our end, it does appear like you’ve placed the initial order, along with a pending order that was triggered once the target price was met.

I don’t see a technical issue.