Back Testing advice please?

Hi .
I now have a couple of stock trading strategies I would like to try out, but it would be good to know how they have performed historically.

I know T212 itself doesn’t offer a back testing solution, but could anyone advise on the web sites or software they use yourselves to do this please?

I’d need the options inside it to ignore the times when my strategy wont be being used - i.e. i would like to run it only during the UK trading sessions times.

Hope you can help?


What data inputs do you require to test your algorithm other than share prices. You could simply take the end of day prices from Yahoo and possibly the high/low of the day?

Google Finance would give you closing prices quickly.

Hi Dougal,
I want to use a EMA crossover signal confirmed with the MACD and with high volume indicators.
I’ve been told there may be web sites and/or software that can set this up and you click a rewind button and then advance by whatever timeframe your using?