Baillie Gifford [discussion] 📃

I don’t suppose this thread is gaining traction today based on Motley Fool’s todays article on SMT. My experience with Fool is to read their articles with a pinch of salt or learn the hard way like i did.


The next Tesla is Tesla.


The paid-for part’s meant to be decent, but the free stuff’s often clickbait. They churn out articles on SMT because it’s popular: one week the trust’s a ‘no-brainer buy’, the next it’s the opposite. :man_shrugging:

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In a sense though, you can let the good folk at SMT find the next Tesla for you. I know they won’t be 100% all in, but you will have exposure.

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The main reasons I hold and keep buying into SMT it is because of:

• Proven track record of outperforming the market most of the time.
• Possibility to get exposure to private equities.

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Very true, or you can just keep an eye on the holdings for anything that stands out.

I really like SMT and love the fact they hold private companies - space x :heart_eyes:

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Which bad results? :thinking:

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I see the current drop off as a buying oppotunity. Looking to add more shares in SMT to my portfolio this year - and this January sale is a big plus for doing this. I am planning on holding for 20 years so not concerned

Alright baller :sunglasses::joy: but yeh this is one dip worth buying - just keep an eye on NAV

It’s currently @ -1.80% for the past year. Jan 6th 2021 - Jan 6th 2022.

Markets are just crap in general recently.

Exactly - the whole market, not SMT per se. :wink:
To be honest, it was expected due to the announced taper.

Anyone buying the dip on SMT?

Buying small amounts - Moderna at 10% is a bit of a concern for me but ASML 2nd biggest holding is decent.


I’ll wait a little more as I think we have some more room.

Something definitely went wrong from 2020, just maybe 2022 is the year for correction

My R.I. is due tomorrow so as long as the dip isn’t eradicated today… most certainly. :+1:t2:

I’ve bought the dipped souce just before the market closed. :eyes:

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Anybody else looking forward to the Bailie Gifford China Growth annual report. They’re usually dated 31st of Jan of each year so I’m guessing it’ll be released in the next few weeks. Currently I’m down 30% on it. Anybody in the same boat?


It’ll be interesting to read the commentary/outlook. I got rid of BGCG as well as other country/region-specific ITs last year. I figure I’ve got high enough exposure to China through SMT which is cheaper.


I’ve the bulk of my cash in SMIT and an S&P tracker though i am still bullish on China. I’m also more interested to read the narrative and explanatory sections of the document moreso than the hard figures and numbers.


I agree with Damodaran (or he agrees with me :slight_smile: ):

However, Chinese markets have been shaken in recent months…

The Chinese government decided to crack down on large technology groups such as Tencent and ­Alibaba. They started to accumulate too much power for its liking. This policy has driven down their market value by 30% to 40%. Putting money on the Chinese market is currently very risky. Will Beijing push forward on its crusade or halt? No one knows. The motives are purely political.

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