Bank Transfer Amount Missing since May 5th


I have made a bank transfer on May 5th and I still don’t see this deposit in my account.

I had already sent the bank statement in a previous e-mail to the support team. I haven’t had any feedback since then.

I understand the COVID times, but this is getting frustrating…Can I have feedback and/or assistance on this matter?


when requiring T212 attention if not sending a direct DM make sure to use a link to grab their attention or you could be waiting for quite a while among other less urgent posts.

@Team212 @George Could someone help get the ball rolling for Nuno?

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@nfboa Please excuse us for the delay & you can expect an update in a matter of minutes.

FYI - the most common reason for all this is when the name in the bank statement differs from the name of the account holder.


I can see the money has been deposit in my account.

Thanks @Dao @Tony.V for the help and quick resolution.

However, I would like to ask if it is expected to have this problem whenever I use the bank transfer method for adding funds?


If you don’t need to deposit a large amount in a single go, then it may be more reliable to use the card for your account. I fund using my Debit card and the funds are in the correct account almost instantly. I think cards have upper limits though to avoid issues and going beyond them will still require a bank transfer instead.

If you have the reference in the details when making the transfer there shouldn’t be any issues but may still take some time. perhaps check what Tony mentioned and see if your names are different across accounts? getting everything matching will definitely reduce any future complications a lot.

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My card method is based on MBWay service that I have available in my country. The service allows me to create virtual credit cards with limited amounts as I see fit. But these have a short expiration time, so im not sure that, in the future, i can witdrwaw my money bank, since its a “expired card”…That is why I was prefering the bank transfer method.


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