Total % allocation for pie investments

Hi all,

Would be possible to allow to set % for all the pies? Let’s say I have 3 pies:

  • stocks
  • ETFs
  • bonds

And I want 2 of them to have 35% and another 30%, then we would allow to auto invest based on the pie % allocation, for example if we deposit 1000€ each month for the pies, it will autoinvest 350€ for the first two and 300€ on the bonds.

Then the investments inside for example stocks will apply the 350€ distributed as per each pie rules.

Check how m1 finance do, they allow that.

I guess it’s kinda a nested pies and I know that’s on the list, not sure if we could get something as I described before :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

you can set up separate deposits for each Pie that achieves just this. no need to nest the pie’s if stocks, bonds and etf’s are held separately.

That’s different.

What I am suggesting is to allow to set allocation at top level for all pies, not inside each pie, that I know it’s possible :slight_smile:

I think the simple answer is no unfortunately