More Stocks need to be Pie-able

Been trying to make a pie of


And none of them appear to be add - able.

Yes, please @Team212 why some stocks/ETFs can’t be added to the Pie?
I can’t add SAWD.

Stocks and ETFs can only be added when fractional shares are enabled.

Is there a reason why not all equities are not availaas fractions? :thinking:

They are working on this. It was originally estimated that all would be fractional by the time pies were released but seems that estimate was a little too short. More get converted to fractions each Friday, if you throw a request into the requests area for ones you want as fractions they may speed those particular ones along. Or they may not.

Why do they need to be fractional a pie should still work on a 1 share / 1 share / 2 share / 3 share or whatever ratios! Its still a pie!