Introducing Widgets 212 for iOS, iPad, and Apple Silicon Mac

Hey, Trading 212 community!

I’m thrilled to share a small iOS app I’ve been working on - Widgets 212. :rocket:

Widgets 212 debuts with a sleek “Portfolio” widget for iOS.

Key Features:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Real-time Portfolio Updates: Stay on top of your investments with live* updates directly on your Home and Lock screen.

:chart: Trading 212 Integration: Seamless integration with the Trading 212 public API (API terms and documentation).

:iphone: Device Compatibility: Whether on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Silicon Mac, you can now conveniently track your portfolio’s performance.

You’ll need an active Real Money Equity trading account (Invest/ISA) to generate an API key.
The “Account Data” permission is required - the only one Widgets 212 needs and uses to fetch account data. Make sure to disable all the others.

*Please remember that Apple has strict budgeting rules for widget updates not to drain your battery or data plan. I’ve set a modest refresh time interval and included an elapsed timer between updates.

Ready to give it a try? I’m excited to invite you to join our Testflight beta testing phase! Your feedback is crucial in refining the app and making it even better.

:point_right: Join the Testflight Beta Here

Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and bug reports right here in the forum.

Happy trading!


Just downloaded the app from TestFlight. I had to restart my iPhone before the Widgets 212 appeared in the phone’s widgets library.
It seems it works! :cowboy_hat_face:
Would the values update in the background at some point, or I’ll have to manually update the widget in the app every time?

@chantal take a look :smiley:

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Heya, thanks for trying it out! The Apple bug is unfortunate, but I’m glad it’s resolved.

The values update on their own every ~30 minutes or so.

It’s subject to Apple’s widget timeline budgeting, and I’m using a conservative value to avoid being throttled. Making the timeline smarter is something that can definitely be iterated upon (e.g. more updates around market open/close hours), but we’ll see.

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All seems to be working really well, I’d love to be able to track dividends through it aswell as my overall portfolio.

just tried but the portfolio value displayed on this app and the official trading212 app are different … too lazy to check which one is right :slight_smile: nice layout though … cheers

Hi, and thank you for giving Widgets 212 a try.

I spent quite some time debugging this and concluded that the public API numbers sometimes differ from those of the Trading 212 app (which I assume doesn’t use the public API). Unfortunately, it’s not something I can fix on my end. Sometimes, the difference is less than €1 and 0.01%, but sometimes it’s larger. Also, remember the “time since last update” at the bottom (ticking up). I know it’s not always the case, but there could definitely be differences with 30+ minutes between updates.

I tweaked the layout slightly and hope it’s even more usable for significant amounts of invested funds and gains.

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I would love to do a dividends widget. Unfortunately, the public API doesn’t support fetching the total value of paid-out dividends. But if you’re interested in a widget that shows your last 1-50 (the limit per single request is 50) paid-out dividends, I can try to cook something up.