Side Effects seen in the app?

Hi @Team212

Last couple of days I’ve seen some unusual behaviour from the app, such as charts not updating or showing up to date information.

That has continued this morning.

Just wondering if this might be a possible ripple effect of the beta testing going on?



Unlikely to be a problem with the Trading 212 app. There has been problems with IB recently, who provide the data to the app I believe.

Ah, yes, saw someone mention that in another thread and didn’t connect the dots. Thank you.

I noticed this morning the company details section seems to have been removed entirely…


Knew I was forgetting another issue. Over the past couple of days I’ve also had server connection error messages when trying to place a trade, and also the UI not showing estimated units when I input a cash amount.

I also had an issue with the company details:
Yesterday night they just would not load, I kept clicking “retry”. The graphs could be seen as usual though.

This doesn’t seem to be correlated to the AutoInvest beta. Nevertheless, thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:


Had a force update earlier today/this morning and it seems now all company details have disappeared with whatever update (don’t have the beta yet) it was.