Become a beta tester of the Trading 212 iOS app

Hi @George… will the Testflight version be updated or should we stick with the App Store one?

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Current TestFlight version is older than the App Store one… That’s not a good way of keeping beta testers, just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

How do I switch from the TestFlight beta back to normal app releases? I haven’t seen the newest update in the app store

The latest update is version 5.5.15 and it is available on the App Store and in TestFlight.

If you’ve installed a beta version and want to switch back to the regular version, just find the app on the App Store and tap the cloud icon.

This replaces your beta version with the regular version of the Trading 212 app. But right now - they are the same.

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Yes, the TestFlight version gets updated regularly. You’ll get notifications from TestFlight when updates come.

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What happend to the TestFlight beta? Why did you stop pushing updates?


It seems you are not using the latest version - the current version both in TestFlight and on the App Store is 5.5.27.

Yes, but the new version did come out after I wrote this post. Unfortunately, in the meantime the AppStore version had several updates but the TestFlight version only got one.

So it looks like to me that the TestFlight version is kinda useless because they do more updates to the AppStore than to TestFlight and the most recent release was first published to the AppStore and than to TestFlight. This kind of update policy defeats the purpose of a beta test.


I’ve the latest TestFlight version but wondered when we’ll get the update for the spreed which I’ve seen is located between return price average price and sell price? I saw someone screen shot it months ago and was looking forward to seeing that feature…
I’m probably explaining it wrong but I hope someone catches my drift?