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Hi everybody,

I have just noticed that BOTB on the LSE dropped more than 40% today I just bought it a few days ago very bad luck, however I can’t find any news does anyone have an idea why is this what happened?

Thank you

guidance reduced 62% wrt current forecast.

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Excellent, so it may well drop further. Thank you for the answer

Holy moly.

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 09.40.50

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It seems like it’s this RNS:

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Thank you for this, it really says it all. I have found another article as well, this page is really interesting updated news and other data seems, I will share below. However I have decided to sell even if at a big loss because I will invest in something else rather than keeping the money on this “hopeful” company. Also, I noticed (and I should have done it earlier) that the only good performance of the stock came from March 2020 to April 2021 during the lockdown, nothing much for the previous 5 years, I should have seen it earlier rather than only focusing on fundamentals and type of business which honestly I liked. One last thing I noticed is that in April 2021 many shares were sold from different insiders, often means nothing but in this case seems like it meant a lot and they knew where the stock was going. Thank you very much again for the link😊

Here is the useful page I found for LSE stocks: