Sold for no reason

I added a stop loss at 0.39 with price at 0.5 and sell price at 0.49.
Please can someone explain why it just sold it at 0.39 for no reason?
CTST is the ticker

Obviously the £2 is the leftover amount from it saying it needs at least £1 remaining

I think skynet may be after you mate

If you got to History below the stock and screengrab the transaction it might reveal what went on.

Does that answer the question? Looks like it. Was 0.44 the stop rather, but still way below current price and it still sold well below the sell price at the time

Ouch yeah I can see your trade is the lowest at that time.

Obviously T212 only plots the ASK so I can’t see where the bid was at 2:59 when you set your .44

I can see in the screengrab two mins latter at 3:01pm it’s clearly .4910

I assume at 2:59-3:00 the BID flicked below .44 briefly enough to trigger and sold at whatever was the going rate, a very cheeky .3956

@David can you please Bloomberg terminal it to see what happened?

@wunit5times There was a huge difference in the bid/ask, screenshot below:

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So that’s showing a BID of .35 just after entering a stop loss of .44 hence why it pretty much instantly triggered a market sell after making it.

That sucks! Thanks for looking into it though.
Makes it impossible to have a stop loss with a 20% spread at any given second…lesson learnt