Best stocks for ridiculous but risky growth?

I’d like to create a pie that’s purely for ridiculous growth. It will probably be mostly tech. Looking at the likes of fastly, tesla, etc.

Which stocks do you think have the potential to double in the next year?


CCL - top pick
PK - should come back nicely
RBS - still haven’t recovered since it’s huge drop in 2007, and it’s been hit even further from Corona, I don’t think their valuation is fair, being run a lot better these days

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I know mates who’ve been telling me for 13 years RBS and Lloyds will improve.

CCL I disagree too, they won’t return to pre covid days because they’re not the same company, the once rock solid balance sheet it now awful showered in debt and they’ve had to reduce and sell off their fleet.

I’m not sure who PK are so I’ll skip them :joy:


Super risk super growth off the top of my head.

Sea Ltd
Guardant Health
Frequency Therapeutics
Greatland Gold


Datadog, Fastly and Livongo are my picks. I am also waiting for Snowflake to IPO and maybe Palantir Technologies to IPO. I also have a stake in InMode.

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Sea Limited seems to be going to the stratosphere too. Apparently they’re going to be the Amazon of South East Asia.

shame we weren’t in a position with them back in april :stuck_out_tongue: I could appreciate that climb, I will pass riding my bike up it however, perhaps on the way back down? xD


Why does it have to be risky. Can it not be ridiculous but non-risky?

Boeing and Raytheon have a lot of room to move up and are what I’d call safe. US government supported too.

Cloud companies too are safe with plenty of room to rise.

@obrienciaran, as far as I see it, there is no “Free money”, the higher reward usually the higher the risk

True, but limiting risk is also good and worth the trade off.

My main concern with Boeing is the time that it will take to bounce back.

I think it will grow again at some point, but if it stays flat for 3 years then it’s probably more worthwhile to invest in something else in the mentime. It’s really hard to know…

I wish I knew. There are literally hundreds of companies where the stock may double or more but it all depends on the virus. If you believe we have control of the virus and there will be no second wave, take your pick. If, like me, you believe there is another crash coming, hold fire. It literally is 50/50.