Best stocks for vaping


I was in my works smoking area today and more or less most of the time most people were vaping, and sometimes all were, myself included.

Vaping is the new gen answer to smoking.

I want to jump on the trend.

I notice British American Tobacco is somewhat diversified into the vape market but which companies are big into this market.

I wanna get in now and load up my 212 account with money on Monday and go big.

I currently own £BATS and £IMB

Vaping is quite expensive and addictive is it not? Better having a tea / coffee and investing your spare change.

Vaping without nicotine is not addictive. Compared to cigarettes, they are way cheaper.

Personally find it difficult to invest in companies whose products can cause such harm but purely from investing, those tobacco companies shares only seem to be going one way

It seems it’s them and Vodafone which make funds like IUKD have little SP growth

RLX is a pretty good chinese vaping company but the fact that they are chinese makes them very risky

Someone told me the best stocks are British American Tobacco (got), Imperial Brands (got), Phillip Morris (on my radar) and Altria.

Die to political risks with china at the moment, I’m preferring to stock to western companies.

That said depending on ones risk tolerances, a Chinese vaping company might suit someone else.

Without opening Pandora box, there isn’t a single company in the world whose product inclusive of supply chain doesn’t “cause harm”, i get your point on tobacco & nicotine product

although cigarette with no nicotine are rare in my opinion