BGCG trust added I’m happily surprised

Just looking at the US Growth Trust chart here:

Does anybody know what “IT North America” is? Nasdaq or something?


Nasdaq 100 = Yellow
S&P 500 = Red

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Scottish Mortgage = Blue (hard to see the text there)

Yes, SMT and USA. You can click on the pictures though to make them bigger :slight_smile:

It means sector IT , investment trust North American, so you can compare to other North American IT Investment Trusts.

Doesn’t it tell you on your source somewhere…?

Let’s move the general discussion to the dedicated thread. :page_facing_up:

wierd, it is now. Thanks

Ongoing charges 0.94% is WAY too high for me and I dont think this include the management fees. (T212 may not have fees but when you buy into funds you will bne charged automatically at the source afaik).

Annualised returns to date don’t justify the cost of this, unless it nearly doubles then I’d be interested.

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Ongoing Charges, or TERs include charges dude.

Its an active fund the ongoing charges are an estimate as they could decide to rebalance/change positions at anytime and incur costs which they will then immediately pass onto you as an increase in the costs.

Looking the bgcg seems to hover around 1%

It’s a pretty high fee but comparing it to the fidelity performance I think it’s worth it.

Still interested to see what happens after the 26th

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Any predictions on how quickly BG will issue new shares after their meeting this week? And what price point is going to be optimal for buying into BGCG?


Based on your info @Joey_Fantana should we expect it to ever get to the 428 NAV value, or it means as long as its above they will drip feed in shares to private buyers at certain prices?

I guess what I am asking this is a slightly new concept to me so would it be normal for it to drop to around the NAV value, then go from there, or that it finds a middle ground between current price and NAV such as 460 or 480 etc. Im aware it wont drop suddenly all the way, but would be good to know what sort of values we might expect to get down to.

I don’t have much experience in this respect either - only been investing since April - but I’m sure I read somewhere (either on the info shared around here or elsewhere online) that the reason they are having the vote is because they have already reached their limit for new share issues for the year.

I don’t know what the norm is for yearly allowance in that respect (probably quite easy to find out) but it does imply that BG can issue shares if they think the NAV is at too high a premium. I would guess this is infrequent but again, nothing Google probably couldn’t tell us.