Bidstack (LSE:BIDS) - [Discussion Thread]

All I can say is that Katherine Hays is a good play, so some optimism from me. I will participate in a placing, and anything above say 4p would be sensible.

The broker quote could be fake or a leak, I cant find anything to verify it or the full report.

In all seriousness, it could have been generated to help facilitate the value within the next fundraising round.

I couldn’t find it either earlier.
A link appeared to the bidlievers forum, which is how I arrived on it.

That it not to say that it is fabricated though. Also, the price target is still above the current price, so it isn’t all negative.

Could anyone find out how they cna register to Bidleivers?


Maybe @Bidlievers can let us know :slight_smile:
(If he is still around)