Bidstack (LSE:BIDS) - [Discussion Thread]

All I can say is that Katherine Hays is a good play, so some optimism from me. I will participate in a placing, and anything above say 4p would be sensible.

The broker quote could be fake or a leak, I cant find anything to verify it or the full report.

In all seriousness, it could have been generated to help facilitate the value within the next fundraising round.

I couldn’t find it either earlier.
A link appeared to the bidlievers forum, which is how I arrived on it.

That it not to say that it is fabricated though. Also, the price target is still above the current price, so it isn’t all negative.

Could anyone find out how they cna register to Bidleivers?


Maybe @Bidlievers can let us know :slight_smile:
(If he is still around)


@Joey_Fantana Its now sub 4p, that might help average down a bit more?

Personally avoiding the noise, the business idea is sound, implementation has been poor(IPO’d too early).

They are still hiring(oddly), and we have yet to hear details as to if they would require any additional funding - aka dilution that is expected. If there was no longer a need for dilution, perhaps some customers had been given a discount to coff up in advance, that would put fuel on the fire to bring back some positive sentiment.


Now patiently waiting for it to trend the right way before plunging in any more.

Its now up 20% in the past week, that aint so bad :upside_down_face:


We are now in the top losers list for today. That’s an achievement right?

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Hero to zero. Shame.

Just a thought, but they’re taking their time announcing if they need to raise any further funding or not per the last set of accounts.

Seems a bit odd to me unless they’re trying not to play desperate.

Anyone thought of contacting their investor relations to find out?

I can’t help to think that the current price is a bargain, but don’t want to buy in more as would purely be another average down move.
The lack of news on further funding is actually good. If it were to come to light it was no longer required, it’s not too far a stretch to see 8-10p again.

They could do with learning a thing or two from say MTI Wireless Edge’s playbook on RNS releases. Factual, to the point, and at this level any additional revenue is material so worth an RNS.

Is BIDS treading water and borderline self sufficient, are they struggling to get further funding or are they on their last legs?

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Totally agree I have no intention of dollar cost averaging down (catching a falling knife) but I don’t see enough reason to sell simply hold and wait


I’m not in this stock, but from memory when it was at price highs they released a RNS that basically said they still havent met objectives, after 2 years of promises. I might be wrong but thats what I remember people saying.

There is also big need for funding, which will mean shareholder dilution.

Now I am been AIM investing for a long time, and let me tell you… Reading RNS is a skill not to be sniffed at.

It takes many years to discover the best companies RNS are when they are being modest. If at any point they seem to be over hyping something, or not meeting their promises, run a mile because words mean nothing, and figures mean everything.

With the concept that BIDS have, they should be huge. The fact that they haven’t made it, just shows how important a great management team are.


Yeah I have to admit it was a bit of a ‘this is cool’ FOMO investment of mine into BIDS with beer money. I generally tend to investigate things in more detail the more beer is involved.

Partly why I’m a bit disappointed good companies such as MTI and TBLD are not on here, so I can top up small amounts, at a very effective price when they are of value. Both well managed companies, good RNS content, boards have a reasonable amount of ‘skin’ in the game so interests are aligned with investors.

Potentially some good news depending how they do in their category.


Anyone interested in cheap shares - 2p.

Ironically one of the few assets in my folio to make a gain today.

I have been reading SYME’s regular RNSs so I have been gaining some experiences in how to read them.

I am still in this for another 2 years to see what happens. I should try and average more in really.

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I think the question is, the share raise if you believe in this stock is of value at 2p, so how or what broker will allow you to participate?

Pick 'em up now for 2.15p on 212! :man_facepalming: