TBLD.L TinyBuild

Not quite ready to be traded on Trading212 yet(sorry folks), but I thought this neat company deserved a thread of its own on our forum for anyone that holds, or is interested in investing!

TinyBuild listed on March the 9th with an IPO valuation of 360m, and currently has an MCAP today of 464m trading on SETSqx under the ASX1 market segment.

To find out more - check out their website:


Very cohesive summary:

" Currently, one of the main assets of the company is an indie survival horror franchise Hello Neighbor , which has over 60 million downloads across all its games"

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I’m not at all savvy with the video games developer industry but I can’t help but think these stocks must go through some very quiet periods between games, no?

Obviously you have ongoing sales, but news reactions? You’ll have lovely periods of spiking but once released I wonder if it all goes a bit stale for however many years.

Anyone with any long term investments in such assets able to shoot me down?

I think indie games work a bit differently - you can earn a lot from being one of the free monthly listed games on PlayStation Plus, either by getting your game out there and being able to advertise others, and have people seen to be playing your game, or to up sell in the game.

I quite like how these guys operate, and their revenue appears to be increasing roughly 50% a year. I was hoping we could get them added to avoid fees as I only wanted a small position, but will have to buy else where.

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Thanks. Will keep an eye out on IBKR.


Yeah it’s a shame I wish I bought elsewhere now as it’s SP is spiking much faster than I expected. Up about 50% since last month :upside_down_face:

I see they are available on ii - I may look a bit deeper and see if the price cools off a bit following today’s spike.

Hope that means there’s a possibility we might finally get this on 212 :raised_hands:

A classic example why you shouldn’t hold back in investing when stocks represent value.


Some more good news on this cracking wee AIM company.

Unfortunately, they still do not appear to be available to buy on IB, so we cant buy them on 212 :cry: :man_shrugging: :cry:

Says enough in the link :slight_smile:

Still not available on T212?

Unfortunately not hence why I’ve raised this thread.

Mainly because I’m keen to aggregate single stocks onto a single platform, that and it’s cheaper to trade in smaller quantities on here.

You can check if stocks are setup on Interactive Broker here:


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