Bitcoin ETP quistion

There are two points:
1 - you are using the wrong exchange. (Fee Schedule)
2 - On the exchange your are buying Bitcoins, the gains will be 100% yours, you can move your Bitcoins, put elsewhere where they pay you interest while the coins can increase its price… on a ETF/ETP you cannot do anything, because you are not buying the coins and you are stuck on a broker that list that specific ETF/ETP.

We have not stopped the instrument on our end.

The instrument will be set to close only on 06.01.2021, not tomorrow. However, I will not be able to disclose the exact hour.

Anyone worry holding this long term then facing liquidity issues trying to close the position. Is it beter to sell up to buy the real thing.

Nope, cos the price you’d of got in at is nowhere near the price now.

I bought some BTCE yesterday, ahead of the change to Close-Only Mode today. I just noticed on the hanetf website that the “Base Currency” is USD and that the “Price per BTCE” is “$30.67”.

Can anybody explain why the price is shown in EUR on Trading 212? I realise that BTCE is listed on the Xetra exchange, which is German. Is it not possible for an instrument on this exchange to have prices in USD?

As someone with a GBP account with Trading 212, I’m wondering about the implications of having 3 currencies and therefore 2 exchange rates impacting my investment.

The hanetf website says “Each unit of BTCE gives the holder a claim on a predefined amount of Bitcoin”. There is also a section that says “Metal Entitlement Per Security BitCoin = 0.000988280”. I think this may be the “predefined amount of Bitcoin”.

We never got an answer to the question of how the 2% management fee gets applied to BTCE. Could it be the case that the figure above is simply reduced by 2% each year?

As far as I can see all hanetf etfs etc are all in US dollars. hanetf are a uk company as well.