Blink charging(gainssss)

Who’s in on this and what’s your average!?? I came out of it 6.50 or smt wish I didn’t haha!

If blink charging is gaining like this NEL is next… did they partner with Siemens to??? Anyone see the tweet they put out ?

bought 5k worth last year, then sold it. feel great right now. not. lol

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No way how much did you get them for ffs! Anything to do with evs hold onto it! Says me who sold them :rofl:

a lot cheaper than it is now!

my average price for blink is $2,96

P take that! My average was around 2-3 usd as well @Cashurkash didn’t have that many tho haha I knew it was going to fly up with the way evs we’re heating up.

@Team212 @David @PeterA @George @Tony.V can we get this on CFD?

How I got into it is interesting, I read an article on low cost stocks last year and it recommended 3: BLNK, SSKN, and INSG so I bought all of them after a little research. After a while they didn’t do much and I was restructuring portfolio and sold them, probably all moon now. haha


:joy::joy::joy: at least it got you into stocks I wish I was on this from the start, I’m feeling like after this bull run there’s gna be no stocks to invest in​:joy:


I already had a lot of stocks but I guess an interesting point is out of those 3, 2 have done well but 1 seems to have failed so the average return is dragged down, the problem with these low costs stocks is it is very difficult to put a lot of money into one of them as they are so risky so you end up diversifying and gains get limited.

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Ahhh haha and that’s so true, nothing worse when u go half hearted in to diversify and it moons, like nio my average is 3.50 and Now it’s like 10 pound a share. :tired_face:

haha, NIO has gone crazy. Now I try to put at least 5% of my portfolio into a something, anything less and you must question the point of it, but because of this rule I steer clear of risky investments. that was part of my thought process when I sold BLNK etc. I knew they might moon but couldn’t commit too much to them because of the risk.

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gone parabolic +32% today and now +23% after hours.

I was to busy dilly dallying out and missed the gains… Argh!!!