Tesla a nose diving at the mo!

Who’s selling tesla and who is buying more!?

Bought at 669 (dopey) but will average down. Not yet though as the market is especially loopy currently.

I would short it if Trading 212 provided that option.


For what Elon did to Crypto I want to see it as low as possible.



Hey Vic, but you can short Tesla and others in T212 with “ETPs” (more precisely, ETNs, a cousin of ETFs) from GraniteShares and LeverageShares. With and without leverage, and in several currencies.

(Probably another case of lack of visibility of the ETPs on T212. :wink:)

(@MarcRAFFARD ; @Oktay )


I am hesitant shorting Tesla, could very well bounce off 8th of March low xD

Thanks for the tag @RLX :wink:

@VicVega - feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions about the products.

-1x Short Tesla gives you a daily ‘short’ position and -2x Short Tesla gives you a 2x leveraged ‘short’ position. Both can be traded in USD, EUR and GBP.

Crazy how at this point a single tweet by Elon literally moves markets… mentioned $DOGE yesterday and a 20% increase ensued…

Thanks @RLX & @Oktay, I’ll look into it.

Is it though? Markets go up and down. We were due a good correction after the non stop upwards movement of 2020.

Unless you mean loopy as in literally up and down week on week in a loop, which it is, and is very annoying.

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It’s a healthy correction at the moment.

I worry for the people with a portfolio of 30 times sales companies, or pre revenue companies so be careful all


I’m meeting my mother later who got into trading a few months ago. Her portfolio consists of Tesla, Alibaba, and Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. I’m curious to hear her thoughts! I have a feeling I’ll need to reassure her this is normal.

At these prices, I’m actually thinking to buy a share or two of Tesla.

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SMT is still smart over a long period of time in my opinion, if you’re a regularly putting in as well, that helps with the peaks and troughs.

Tesla I love, but I cannot get my head around it, so I’m just following at this point, not investing. How it’s worth the amount of all the car manufacturers added up just doesn’t compute with me. But then some say they’re not just a car company, which I accept to a point. But right now, they are a car company.

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Shows how naive sheeple are

Tesla is going down to 200 for a good 5 years.

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SMT is a no brainer and I’d challenge anybody to argue why somebody shouldn’t invest.

As for Tesla, the P/E ratio is astronomical. I agree with the fact that they’re not just a car company, but right now, apart from selling cars, the only other industry I’m aware that they’re making profit in is energy; i.e. selling their batteries. Time will tell where they will end up in terms of their sales and revenue streams.

Totally agree there.

With Tesla, I owned them once because of the split and sold shorty after for a nice profit. But I don’t tend to do any trading now.

I’d love to invest in them one day, for the right price though. At present, it’d just be a FOMO move for me.

I was the same, I rode it up and sold for profit.

Oh 100% :smiley: But the FOMO is real and strong! I’ll see can I restrain myself.

Thank @RLX for keeping me in the loop :slight_smile:

and yes @Dman @VicVega , ETN like GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla - 3STS (or 3STE in EUR and 3STP in GBP) may be a good solution if you have a high conviction on the downside of Tesla Stock.
If Tesla fall by 2%, the GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla will perform by +6%

Feel free to visit our website, especially the eduction section to understand how it work.

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That’d allow me to get in cheap thank you. DCA all the way and chill for a few years.

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I like to think of them as an energy basket ETF.

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