Bought at the wrong rate?

I may have just been doing something stupid but I’m here to learn. I executed an order for these at this rate

But it bought them at this rate. Even though it hasn’t moved an inch this morning and is still that rate quoted above. Is this something normal?

The buy price is 3.27. Reason why it hasn’t moved is because of technical issues at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt.

The 3.126 is the sell price. If the DAX would go down, the price will go up. DES2 is an inverse ETF.

Thanks @chantal. I wish I’d taken a screengrab of the purchase screen because I’m so sure that it said I was buying at that lower rate. But lessons learned

The price shown is just the best ask at that specific moment you won’t get exactly that unless you did a limit order to set the max you would pay per share.

It’s particular unlucky as the German exchange has major technical issues this morning.

Also you are fully aware you are essentially taking a short position and it’s twice the leverage as in you really really want it to go down.