Brewdog IPO... but not quite

Valid points :+1:

I don’t know how much their revenue is distributed, I have to inform myself better before jumping in… just by liking them is no enough for me :slight_smile:

Might be worth a look through the prospectus. They have great retail sales, they’re in all big supermarkets, they have outlets in Germany and Australia, amongst others I imagine, and are still plunging ahead with their roll out of drive-thru bottle shops.

Their model is being emulated globally too. Albeit on smaller scales.


But you can get a T Shirt for ~£200

On a more serious note though I’d also look at the prospectus

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How do I change ‘take my money’ to ‘use my referral link’…? :wink:


I bought 8 shares im buying more at the end of month.

Living in London I often visit brew dog. I also love their Elvis juice and clockwork orange. My missus also said it’s a good invest meant she’s been in the industry for 20 yrs.

She also mentioned that the company has also treated their staff very well during this time and have a sustainable business

– also dont buy shares whilst drinking beer…but maybe in this situ it’s best too

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fair enough. I buy Pepsico shares just because Pepsi Max is my favourite drink, frito lays is very profitable and the company is both stable and charitable. It’s a dividend Giant I can’t turn my nose up at. :smiley:

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I don’t drink beer, but living in Edinburgh I’ve known about these guys since the beginning and have loads of beer-swilling mates who swear by them. I just love how they’re impacting the industry - the green footprint stuff is next level.


Ahhh didn’t know you were living in Edinburgh! Love Edinburgh lol

Invest more than £3,000 and you get your very own Brewdog cask of whisky lol


Oh that would have swung it! Oh well. Their Uncle Dukes is awesome.

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140 days left to buy a minimum or maximum of how many shares pre-ipo?

Interesting this. Brewdog have lovely beers. I’ve got a bunch of mates who are constantly buying crates off the website. Just started seeing crates being sold in Tesco and Morrisons recently as well.

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But you can buy Brewdog shares for as little as £10.75 a share. Why would you pay £25?

Where are they available for £10.75 @Dougal1984 ?

I love the firm as well however in the risk sections I’m not too sure how I feel about the potential dilution of class B shares especially if they’re going to have another few rounds to raise 50m. I’m torn!

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They do say this is their last round of funding before beginning the IPO preparations. You’re right though, it is just a matter of whether COVID conditions might stymie those plans further and force them into more funding.

But the mention of £50m is their ‘stretch goal’ so if it was going to be achieved, it would be achieved in this round of funding.

Just for everyone’s benefit, Dougal1984 was referring to the following;

However this looks to have been suspended currently - no doubt due to the open round of funding.

A shrewd move might be to wait til January got the current funding round to close and see if this reopens, but first I’ve seen of it so not sure if the shares would still be discounted if/when it does reopen.

@Dougal1984 do feel free to correct me on any inaccuracies here and thanks for highlighting.

Bought 4 shares using your link, now I feel like I have to get my mates to a brewdog pub lol :love_you_gesture:t4:

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Thanks - appreciate it.

Haven’t had time to really get into prospectus and details yet. Just for now what’s the minimum amount and price you can buy, and the maximum amount? Thanks guys