Brewdog - Shares pre IPO

Anyone invested in Brewdog? They’re selling shares on their site. I checked them on companies House and they look good.

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I believe @Joey_Fantana is on this.

They look good but they look very pricey.

I mean I might be reading and interpreting it wrong but they’re £25 a pop there are 75,000,000 (market cap 1.8bn) in circulation for a company with EBITDA of 8mil…

They look financially very sound and growth potential is there but they look v.expensive.

I’m probably wrong but I think there is a thread somewhere on this and someone mentioned there will be another offering at a cheaper price later down the line.

Where did you get your EBITDA info from?

Check this out

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Next offering is the IPO.

Joey they seem expensive when you calculate market cap Vs their net income your looking at PE of 200+

I think money to be made through acquisition or IPO hype but I’m not keen with those numbers. I don’t mind being corrected but that’s how I’ve read it.

It’s a fair comment but I’m personally not letting that put me off. I’m pretty sure my shares will depreciate come IPO time, but right now it’s about supporting them in uncertain times, which I’m happy to do. They’re disrupting the beer game and deserve to be around for a long time.

Pure set and forget play for me.

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I like what they do and there’s potential. Just a bit too pricey for me on analysis. It’s nice to see British companies do well, let’s just hope they don’t get swallowed by some American conglomerate.

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By all means, if you think the smart play is to await IPO, stick to your guns.

I don’t even drink beer, but they’re a local company to me, and I’ve seen them come up from the beginning so partly just showing my loyalty.

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Its worth a couple shares if you visit their bars regularly for the discount. Other than that its quite late to be buying in now.

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Been looking at REACH they look

Ooooo my bad. Did this never get cleared up?

Currently have a Hazy Jane in hand. The amount of Dead Pony I drink i should probably be in on this. :sweat_smile:

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I just done a quick check on the basic fundamentals, and Jesus, on a purely number basis they look good value.

I literally know nothing about them so there may be a reason why and volume looks awfully low.

How have you concluded good value?

Market cap 1.8bn Vs EBITDA 8mil.


Wires crossed. Talking about REACH, also had gin.

Oh sorry, yes. Reach looks very very good. I’m just holding for a slight drop on the rise due to them issuing a potential bonus. Also if FB lose there case in OZ this would do them huge favours in terms of earnings.

Jo guarantees you will know and use them. Your local online website will be REACH. They do like the Liverpool Echo, Walesonline, Mirror, OK! Etc.

They’re a big company in terms of news/media only behind Google, Amazon, FB and someone else.

Further down the thread I think. Someone shared an Instagram post or ad clarifying.

Very interesting, have you got any links?

I just done a quick yahoo finance search and the below is pretty interesting.