Unable to Sell all my BT Shares

I had a small amount of BT shares this afternoon. I tried selling them all and it wouldnt allow me to. Is there a new rule I dont know about?

Ive just noticed the problem. When I bought them I was allowed to buy a hundredth of a share. Now I can only buy a tenth of a share. The system didnt recognise the hundredth of a share I had and wouldnt let my balance be less than £1 in that company. Therefor Ill always have a hundredth of a share in BT lol

You should be able to sell the entire amount you own, no matter what the minimums when buying/selling are. We’re looking into this and if there is a bug we’ll fix it :slight_smile:

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@magpielad I just purchased 1.01 of BT Group & managed to sell it without any issues.

should of held thats a bargain :slight_smile:

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I bought it back before the recent rise :grinning:

The problem was when it went below £1. It wouldn`t let me sell a hundredth of a share