Keep a stock/ETF in a pie with 0% weight future investment


Is it possible to maintain a stock/ETF in a pie but stop investing in it while keeping investing in the other stock/ETF (It seems that a min % above 0% is needed)?

For instance I want to replace an ETF by another one going forward but do not want to sell, at least not right away.


Not sure a % can be 0. Wouldn’t it be better to just move the one you do want to invest in to another pie and leave the other with no auto invest until you do want to sell it?

If there is no option to let it with a 0% i would rather export the existing ETF out of the pie (it will just be alone then), include the new one inside the Pie and keep the autoinvest with this new ETF (and the other one that i keep in as well). I just want to check before if i can avoid doing so. Since the new one will be fairly close index i d like to keep them both in for tracking the proportion vs the rest of the PIe. If not possible i’ll do as i just explained above.

I’m not sure but if when you go to edit holdings you remove the stock with the X button and add the new one it should stay in the pie, but not be added to. Just make sure you don’t hit rebalance.