Buy Order Pending, does not fill - RR.LSE

I have been trying to add to my position in Rolls Royce (RR.LSE) all day - Order just sits pending and never fills. So I cancel and try again. Same thing. Never seen a delay like this before on T212.

OK some of the lower volume stocks are slow - but I would not expect a liquidity issue on such a main stream stock as RR. Any insight as to what is going on?

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While orders in CFD accounts are executed almost instantly, the ones in Invest/ISA accounts require some time as certain market conditions should be met.

Hey Bogi,

What is some time? I have never had to wait more than 1 minute before, waiting 1 hour is crazy! Market has moved.

Can the conditions be detailed? Other shares executed today with no issues.

As it strongly depends on the market supply and demand, we cannot provide an exact estimate.

On a side note, the execution time might vary for different instruments as this depends on their liquidity.

Hi I think you might want to look into this one again! Since i placed my order several hours ago i have seen a 3% swing in the share price. Data is also showing plently of liquidity on shares traded.

It looks to me like there might be an issue with order execution at IB?

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Yeap it is not normal - lots of support from maket makers on a large stock like RR, it is very liquid. Something is wrong.

I think i just got the generic go away you idiot responce - i dont think it was looked into.

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Yep definitley a problem with their broker. I mamaged to place an order at 10:38 but that took at least 30mins so i guess the issue has been around since the market opened.

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Hello, everyone :wave:

We understand where you’re coming from, however, the reason mentioned by @Bogi.H above is the most common obstacle, in similar situations. Still, we’ve already escalated the matter for further review and we’ll update you ASAP.

While on the subject, this looks like an account-related matter, hence why I’m closing the thread, but feel free to ping us for any further questions.